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Join Electric Indigo, Inner8 for an Immersion in Aesthetics

Written by Site Update on July 31st, 2015


By way of follow up to our chat with Daniele Antezza yesterday, his Inner8 live act with sYn will meet up with another audiovisual collaboration — Susanne Kirchmyer (Electric Indigo), with visualist Thomas Wagensommerer. That takes place at Berlin’s Krake Festival next week, which means we get an extensive conversation with the two artists alongside a canal in the video below.

They talk at length about aesthetics, collaboration, and connections to artistic practice:


Previously, on each of them:

Outside dance music, systems of contemplation with Inner8, sYn

Morpheme is a Microscopic Audiovisual Journey Into Sound by Electric Indigo

But now that we’ve had you doing a lot of reading and watching of things this week, let’s get some music. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Susanne’s music, as her knowledge base is so deep and broad — if it’s experimental or if it’s club or if it’s composition and sound art, she’s been more or less doing all of it at the edge of what’s possible for a quarter century. So, as usual, her latest podcast is a field guide to some of the best production work going on in a bit of each of those genres, with dark experimental club sounds woven throughout. Listen:

01. John Beltran – Music For Machines [Delsin DSR-D1]
02. Ca.tter – Mine [Dubsquare 008]
03. Cio D’Or – Hecto [Semantica 73B]
04. Ken Karter – B2 [LIMITED 006]
05. MdS & Gymmy J – Purple Heart [Different Is Different 077]
06. The Plant Worker – Spaceship 003 [Affin 153]
07. Dorian Gray – Iceberg [Black String 012]
08. Aleja Sanchez – Aquatone [Planet Rhythm PRRUKD015]
09. Vertical Spectrum – Passion [Newrhythmic 051]
10. Polar Inertia – Kinematic Optics [DEMENT3D 011]
11. Leiras – Genetics [Ownlife 004]
12. Tension – In [Tension 001]
13. LXVI – Rift Sequence / DaGeneral & Nico Kohler Remix [Terminus Audio 001]
14. Eomac – Frozen Souls [Inner Surface Music 009]
15. Aleja Sanchez – Rainbow [Planet Rhythm PRRUKD015]
16. Arnaud Le Texier – Fleuve Noir [Affin 153]
17. Dorian Gray – The Polar Night / Ritual Re-Work [Black String 012]
18. Mike Storm – A1 [LIMITED 006]
19. Ruhig – Lost In The Instability / Edit Select Remix [Midgar 002X]
20. Positive Centre – Great Excavator [Stroboscopic Artefacts SAM 019]
21. Dorian Gray – Arctic Dream [Black String 012]
22. John Beltran – Intro [Delsin DSR-D1]


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