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KORG Minilogue – The Story So Far (Wait, Here’s Liverpool!)

Written by Site Update on September 3rd, 2015

Updated story: it turns out there was some confusion generated by KORG’s teasers and recent online rumors about a new trademark registered by the company.
So, Minilogue is NOT the product KORG was teasing us about. That product is (simply?) a new arranger keyboard, Liverpool, leaked a few hours ago via KORG India’s website.

Una foto pubblicata da Synth Jam (@synthjam) in data: 1 Set 2015 alle ore 04:29 PDT

We don’t know the specs yet, but this product is probably not something that our average readers are really going to be into.

What about the Minilogue then? Well, at this point it’s too early to say anything else. We’ve got in touch with people at KORG but they’ll likely be very tight lipped about the whole thing.

So, KORG will release a new synth in the next 48h. What do we know so far?

— Its name should be KORG Minilogue, as per trademark registered a couple of months ago.

— It’s NOT an app or an in-app module for existing apps like Gadget

— It appears to be a lightweight 4-octave keyboard, aimed at performing/gigging musicians (see the picture below posted on KORG’s Instagram account)

— Given KORG’s teasers (the Beatles, the Cavern club, etc.), it’s quite safe to assume it’ll be a sample-based and/or an analog modeling keyboard with a retro feel (maybe they licensed some Mellotron/Chamberlin sounds and added some Abbey Road magic too?).

In short, I think that in terms of features and price point this KORG Minilogue could be KORG’s answer to the new Yamaha Reface (just one product instead of four different ones).

Again, the name may be misleading. I don’t think this will be an analog synth. Between the MS-20 and Odyssey reissues (plus the Volca stuff) KORG got that covered, at least for now.
Still, KORG can be full of surprises, so I’m expecting some fun touch in terms of performance features (some kind of sound morphing? Ribbon?).

We’re looking forward to getting further news about the KORG Minilogue. Stay tuned (to be updated with more info as it comes in).

Una foto pubblicata da Korg (@korgofficial) in data: 31 Ago 2015 alle ore 08:40 PDT


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