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Hologram plug-in re-synthesizes and mutates sound in real time

Written by Site Update on September 8th, 2015


There are effects that provide subtle coloring, minor tweaks. And then there are those that paint a whole new picture. Hologram is in that latter category, producing wild, synthetic effects that totally transform an input.

Hologram by Sinevibes from Sinevibes on Vimeo.

Sinevibes has been releasing a steady stream of pretty, creative Mac Audio Unit plug-ins. But this one deserves some special mention, as it’s been a while since we’ve seen a plug-in successfully take on the idea. (Nice to see it in Logic; it’s a bit surprising with tools like the Spectral Gate that nothing picked up on the concept.)

It works like this: you start with an input. That is fed into a spectrum analyzer with up to 64 frequency bands — change the number of bands for richer or more synthetic effects.

Then, re-synthesize the sound, with an array of sine oscillators. Essentially, it’s a synth that uses audio as its input.

As per usual for Sinevibes, there’s loads of graphical feedback, a simplified (Retina-quality) UI, and tons of modulation. To animate the resulting sound, assign two separate modulators, each with 8 waveforms, adjustable chaos, lag and curve. And you can sync to transport, with tempo and time signature automation, for some complex rhythms.

You’ll find more audio examples on the Website; some go a different direction than those in the video at top:


US$ 29, demo available.

Let us know if you use this one, or what other plug-ins tickle your fancy these days.

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