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Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v2.3.1 – Supports iOS 9 Audio Units

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Bremmers Audio Design has released version 2.3.1 of MultitrackStudio for iPad. New in version 2.3.1: Supports iOS 9 Audio Unit effects and MIDI instruments. Note: presets and automation are currently [Read More]

Kuassa updates Amplifikation Creme to v1.3.0 – Now supports VST3 and AAX

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Kuassa has released the 1.3.0 update for Amplifikation Creme with the following new features: Addition of two 4×12 cabinets. Impulse Response resampling. new preset management. redesigned graphics. [Read More]

Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to 8.1 for Mac & Win – supports Surface Pro

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Bremmers Audio Design has released MultitrackStudio 8.1, which includes support for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. There’s a new ‘Pen with touch scrolling’ mode which works with pen almost [Read More]

MorphTune Tech updates MorphTune Pitch Manipulation App to v2.0 – Now supports VST

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

MorphTune Tech has updated MorphTune, a pitch manipulation application for Windows to version 2.0. A VST plugin version has been added. Priced at $ 99, a 21 day fully functional free trial can [Read More]

Cytomic updates The Glue and The Drop – Supports Retina / HiDPI Displays on Mac OS X and Windows

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Cytomic has announced that, with the help of the JUCE framework, it now supports fully scalable Retina / HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) displays on both Mac OS 10.8 and above, and Windows 8.1 and [Read More]

McDSP Supports VST with v6 Release

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

McDSP has announced that the new Version 6 release (v6) will includes support for VST and VST3 plug-in formats.​ In addition to VST plug-in format support, v6 includes a complete upgrade to [Read More]

Lemur is Now on Android, Supports Cabled Connections; You Want This Touch App

Thursday, November 13th, 2014


Before there even was an iPad or iPhone, there was Lemur. The touch-based controller device was theoretically the first-ever consumer multi-touch hardware. Early adopters connected the pricey smart display via Ethernet to a computer, and wowed friends with flying faders and bouncing balls and new ways of doing everything from manipulating spatial audio to playing instruments.

Then, the iPad arrived, and Lemur had a new life as an iOS-only app. For many of us, it’s alone reason enough to own an Apple tablet.

But Apple tablets are pricey. Android tablets are cheap. And Android tablets are increasingly available in more sizes. So, maybe you want to run Lemur on Android. Maybe it’s your only tablet. Or maybe you’re just worried that now your live performance set depends on an iPad mini, and if it dies, you’re out hundreds more — so Android is an appealing backup.

Well, now, Lemur has come to Android. It wasn’t easy; it required lots of additional testing because of the variety of devices out there and weird peculiarities of making Android development work properly. (Disclosure: I was one of Lemur’s testers, and was gratified when it suddenly started working on my Nexus 7, which is a fairly excellent low-cost device.)

But now it’s here. And it’s fantastic. Nick from Liine came to our monthly mobile music app meetup in Berlin and showed us just how easy it is to code your own custom objects using the canvas — more on that soon. But combine that with a stable app for hosting your own creations, and Lemur is simply indispensable. It’s US$ 24.99 on the Google Play store.

Oh, and one more thing: wires.

Yes, sure, part of the appeal of tablets is wireless control. That allows you to walk around a performance venue, for instance, whilst controlling sounds and mixing. But in live situations, it sure is nice to avoid wifi connection problems and depend on a conventional wire. On both Android and iOS, this requires a special driver — at least if you want to connect directly via USB. But there’s already a free and open source Mac driver for Android, and it works really nicely with Lemur:


I am absolutely going to start carrying both my Nexus 7 and my iPad mini — I now never have to worry that one tablet will die or the iPad WiFi will decide to stop working int he middle of a show. I might even put them in different bags. You know — redundancy. And for Android lovers, this is great news. (They’ve been getting a handful of excellent apps lately, which, while nowhere near the iOS ecosystem, still mean you can get a lot of use out of an Android tablet. But that’s a story for another day.)

More on Lemur:


And grab it from the Google Play store:

Lemur @ Google Play

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HOFA updates products – supports ISRC in WAV files

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

HOFA has released some product updates that add support for ISRC in WAV files. Here’s what they say: For every musician, the ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) used for unique identification [Read More]

Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v1.3 – Supports Audiobus

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Bremmers Audio Design has updated MultitrackStudio for iPad to v1.3. The update adds Audiobus support. MultitrackStudio acts as output in the Audiobus app, so other apps can be recorded using Audiobus [Read More]

Faber Acoustical releases RoomScope v2.0 – supports iOS 7

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Faber Acoustical has released RoomScope v2.0, which now fully supports iOS 7 with a refreshed look and feel that is consistent with recent updates to SignalScope Pro and IOScope. What’s new in RoomSc [Read More]