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Win A 1 Year Pass For The Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

This is a great chance for all you classical music buffs…
Since the opening of the Digital Concert Hall in 2008, the Berliner Philharmoniker have broadcasted more than 250 concerts live.
Nearly all the great conductors and soloists of this time and more than 1,000 works can be found in the concert archive of the Digital Concert Hall.

A particular emphasis of the current season is the film section, which has been expanded to include numerous documentary films on current topics – such as the concert »Violins of Hope« and Wim Wenders’s portrait of the Philharmonie.

The Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall video streams classical music concerts to your tablet, smartphone, smartTV or PC.
You can test the service for free (to make sure your connection is fast enough) and subscribe for €14.90/month or 149.00 €/year (also available, 7 and 30 days options).

A unique look
I’ve been at the Philharmonie, and nothing beats being there BUT… the Digital Concert Hall offers a unique (and much closer) look at the orchestra’s performance.
The streaming service is rock solid, and you can capture every nuance of what’s happening on stage (not to mention the interviews with directors and musicians, the archive, etc.).

Trust me, if you love (classical) music, the Digital Concert Hall is simply a must!
This is why we’re really excited to offer you the chance of winning 3 12 Month Tickets (149.00 € value!)

How to win
Enter the competition following the instructions below.
Pro Tip: boost your chances using all social options (FB and Twitter) ;-)

The competition expires on October 7th at 12:00 AM Berlin Time. Good luck!

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Win FabFilter Pro Q-2, our EQ of the year!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

FabFilter-Pro-Q-2-Screen-ShotFabFilter Pro Q-2 (price: $ 199/149€) just won one of our Sonic Joy 2014 awards for best VST FX. Here are a few key points from our FabFilter Pro Q-2 review:

  • Light on CPU
  • Sounds great
  • Myriad of useful options for mix and master
  • Great intuitive workflow

Enter to win a copy of this great EQ and start improving your mixes! Just follow the social instructions below:
— visit (and possibly like) our Facebook page
— once done, come back to the contest widget and tweet a pre-set message.
NOTE: tweeting the message this time is NOT mandatory, BUT doing so will double your chances. You do the math ;-) Good luck!

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Sonic Joy Awards 2014: our best of the year

Monday, January 19th, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, when we look back at the instruments and tools we loved over the last 12 months.
Needless to say, this list doesn’t want to be an exhaustive resource. It’s just our humble tribute to those companies and developers that work hard to bring us amazing products — and hopefully it’s also something that can help you choosing what to buy next.

P.s: stay tuned, in the next days/weeks  some of these products will be part of our next giveaways! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


VST Instruments

U-he Bazille (see our Bazille review)
“Bazille is an absolutely standout synth, and a hugely original and complex one”

Arturia Matrix 12V
As thick, retro-futuristic & ’80s analog-sounding as it gets. Not surprisingly, easier to program than the original one (and with lots of great presets!).

U-he did it again!

U-he did it again!


VST Effects

Fabfilter Pro Q-2 (see our Pro Q-2 review)
“It excels as an all-in-one surgical mix and master tool”

Brainworx Saturator V2 (see our Saturator V2 review)
“I’ve been blown away at how useful Saturator is at alternately bringing life, grit, edge, smoothness, and presence to tracks or mixes.”


Fab EQ indeed!


iOS Instruments

KORG Gadget (see our KORG Gadget review)
“Thanks to its variety, sounds and features, embodies the concept of ‘instant gratification tool’ probably like no other.”

Olympia Noise Co. Ondes
It’s not an Ondes Martenot, but its smart features and its smooth interface make it an ideal “hauntology” instrument.

If only these boxes where real....

If only these boxes were real….


iOS Effects

Holderness FX Bundle
Crystalline is their actual 2014 release that won us over (shiiiiimmmmmmeeerrrr), but when you can have all their juicy effects in a such an affordable bundle, why not?

noii.se FLUX:FX
Adrian Belew’s sound-mangling experience + great mobile design = a multi-fx app that raises the bar.

B(e)lew us away!

B(e)lew us away!



iOS Controllers & Utilitiesbest-iOS-Utilities

Audiobus 2
More than a simple update: presets support, multi-routing (as In App Purchase, but still definitely worthwhile), etc. Once again, an iOS must.

Touchable 3
3 is the perfect number? Yes, looking at the big improvements in terms of features and connectivity. Live + iPad users, rejoice!

Because now you can!


Sample based instrumentsbest-Sample_Libraries

Spitfire Audio eDNA Sample & Hans Zimmer Percussion
Two libraries from the same developer? Yes, we couldn’t make up our minds. A smorgasbord of synthetic delights and a literally awesome-sounding percussion collection, that will shake your speakers as if you were in a theater!

Sound Dust Ghost Dulcitone 1900 (see our Ghost Dulcitone 1900 review)
“If you are looking for warm, organic, cinematic, and somehow unpredictable sounds, you are in the right place”

Ruckers 1628 (iOS)
TempoRubato (NLog, Nave, etc.) & Realsamples join forces for the first top-quality mobile harpsichord.

KORG Module (iOS, see our KORG Module review)
“A godsend for those keyboard players looking for classic, quality sounds and a more streamlined (and why not, affordable) setup”

Tim Burton's imaginary instrument

Tim Burton’s imaginary instrument

Audio Interfaces

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo
Realtime UAD Processing? Check. Thunderbolt? Check. Sleek design? Check. If you’re are looking for a Thunderbolt audio interface and you’ve been wondering why everybody seem to love UAD’s old and new plugins, check this out!




From Bill Putnam to Thunderbolt


The Best Thing I Bought This Year: DUBS Acoustic Filters [2014 in Review]

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


The most sophisticated, most important music and sound instrument of 2014 is — your hearing.

But the best hearing protection is simply the one you’ll always use. And that’s why DUBS are the best product of 2014.

There are great hearing protection products out there, and for professional applications like touring, something spendy may well worth be considering. But you may have decided you don’t have the time to get your ears molded, or they’re too expensive to buy, or you aren’t using them because you’re afraid you’ll lose them. (I think I know as many professional musicians who have lost expensive hearing protection as I know with tinnitus.)

Then, there are the inexpensive earplugs. I think these may actually be doing more harm than good. They feel uncomfortable. They pop out. Then, at best, they sound absolutely terrible, just slightly worse than sticking your fingers in your ear and putting your head under a pillow. They train people that protecting your ears means not hearing a concert or event. I see people with toilet paper stuffed in their ears. This has to stop.

DUBS acoustic filters tick every box. They’re cheap enough that you can afford to lose them. (They’re US$ 25 a pair, with European availability expected any day now.) They don’t look strange in your ear; I actually got a couple of compliments. They feel perfectly comfortable, feeling just like standard-sized earbuds, and with enough flex that they seem to be happy in most ears. (Swappable sizes might be an improvement, but I haven’t needed them yet.)


I was skeptical, but these really are incredibly comfortable to wear - and you don't feel like a dork.

I was skeptical, but these really are incredibly comfortable to wear — and you don’t feel like a dork.

Now, I have no idea what it means that DUBS are “the first advanced tech ear plugs using Dynamic Attenuation to deliver optimal hearing protection while preserving sound fidelity.”

Here’s what matters: they sound absolutely fantastic. The filtering is good enough in club and concert environments that I’ve repeatedly forgotten I was wearing them or been convinced they had popped out. And I, like you, get pretty picky. DUBS says they deliver 12 dB attenuation. There are ear protection products that certainly offer more, but that’s enough to mean the difference between your ears ringing (ominously) after an extended plane trip or show.

The packaging works well enough as a carry case.

The packaging works well enough as a carry case.

And it’s the experience that is the most encouraging. It really does sound like someone dropped 12 dB but changed nothing else.

I grabbed a pair of DUBS in a Best Buy in New York (after a whole lot of confusion about what they were and where they had walked off to), catching a flight back to Berlin. I was convinced my ears couldn’t stand another night of techno. I stood by the DJ booth at Berghain last week and tried taking them in and out while watching the SPL meter. I think these things are simply unreal.

It was fitting that, in advance of the European launch, Hans Zimmer helped launch these this year at Amsterdam Dance Event.

I think they’re just fantastic. And I hope people spread the word. DUBS, the product of impressively-named “Doppler Labs,” have even invented named this category of products “hearables.”

Whether or not DUBS specifically are right for everyone, we need to at least start convincing friends — professionals and non-professionals alike — to protect their hearing health. Even if we’ve already experienced some hearing loss and tinnitus, we can help make sure it doesn’t get worse. And that’s one New Year’s Resolution worth keeping.

And hurry up with that European launch, DUBS. (Disclosure: I missed them at ADE and hadn’t ever heard of them before I read about them in The Verge. But, yes, guess I should track them down — mostly reviews have come from consumer sites and not from musicians.)

Happy New Year / guten Rutsch, everybody.


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Happy New Year; Nominees for Stories Everyone Missed?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone. We’re taking the day off, but while we’re putting together a year-end review of musical technology and invention, any nominees for stories that fell under the radar, that people might have missed? DIY projects, unique tools, or anything of the sort welcome; we do appreciate your ideas, as always. Let us know in comments, and we’ll pick out some of our favorites. Have a lovely evening — Happy rockin’ New Year’s, and to Germany, Guten Rutsch!

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Will Majak Daw debut this year or next year?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Question by Reecey: Will Majak Daw debut this year or next year?
just a rough question:
Will Majak Daw debut this year or next year?
in case you dont know who it is its>>>> http://www.kangaroos.com.au/players/playerprofile/majakdaw/tabid/8141/playerid/21660/category/rookie/season/2011/selected/bio/default.aspx

Best answer:

Answer by Totoro
I would really like to hope this year, he is quite an exciting young player and I hope he has a good, long future ahead of him


What do you think? Answer below!

Singing Serenades with Laptops: Intimate Sessions with Solar Year, Phantom [Video]

Monday, January 7th, 2013

NFOP SESSIONS #13: Phantom — Albuquerque from Tonje Thilesen on Vimeo.

Far from being an icy presence in front of an unmoving operator, the laptop has quietly become second nature. As tools mature and musicians gain comfort, music software can at last become another instrument.

So, let’s get comfy and close with some musicians who are finding intimate, personal expressions with impromptu human-and-laptop ensembles. Our friends at No Fear of Pop — a top-notch, pretension-free chronicle of new music — have in the past year been doing live portraits of artists in their NFOP Sessions series. This is the feeling of music returning to the living room, sometimes literally, as produced here by talented music writer/photo-journalist Tonje Thilesen.

Finnish Duo Phantom (Hanna and Tommi) made an appeance here last month with their Arduino-powered, flying saucer-shaped sensor controller. In NFOP’s film (at top), you can see the reason for resorting to such technology: gentle gestures above the UFO’s fuselage allow sensitive musical swells and effects that neatly follow Hanna’s tender vocal lines. “Albuquerque,” then, is about melting hearts — not abducting hapless farmers.

NFOP SESSIONS #13: Phantom.

NFOP SESSIONS #15: Solar Year from Tonje Thilesen on Vimeo.

Solar Year, based in Montreal and New York, are the first addition to NFOP’s label collaboration Straosfear. Ghostly vocals ride atop anxious, introverted beats, the latter falling under the direction of an array of small controllers and pads. Their work is to me beautifully full of nervous, vulnerable energy. (The sound isn’t perfect in this video — a testament to the “just hit record” nature of these sessions — but listen to more of their musical range below.)

NFOP Sessions #15: Solar Year

More music:

And an underwater sound installation, which seems the right way to enjoy all of this:

Solar Year’s 7″ hits today, yours from Berlin for 5 €.

7″ from Solar Year is out today, with this lovely tie-dye-in-space cover.

And more Phantom to listen to, as well:

Phantom’s Hanna Toivonen, live. Mask by Jenni Ahtiainen/ gTie. Photo: Kiki Ylimutka — at Flow Festival 2012.

New single:

Remember, you can always hear music on CDM via our handy ex.fm widget — that’s the play button you see in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

We hope to catch up with Phantom soon, and Solar Year joins our second Berlin MusicMakers installment, this time in collaboration with CTM Festival, on February 1 as part of our CTM program at Berghain Kantine, as they’re over on their European tour.

No Fear of Pop


Skrillex Vocal Effect – First of the year – How to Use Slicex in FL Studio 10

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

-This is how I would make the vocal effect Skrillex uses like in his song “First of the Year”. A quick tutorial on how to use Slicex in FL Studio 10.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

in this tutorial i show you how to achieve the best sounds for a lex luger beat without getting too complicated. step by step through each pattern to see how each section is made before you mail me asking for sounds, view my channel because i have videos with most of these sounds with a free FLP download, like this video for example www.youtube.com i hope you enjoy watching this, subscribe for more videos and exclusive FLP’s kid urban
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Louis CK – 4 year old

Monday, October 29th, 2012

A clip from Louis CK’s “Shameless.” Hysterical.

Prime Loops Celebrate 4 Year Anniversary with Artist Series Launch and 50% Off All Products Sale

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Read the full story @ KVR Audio
Sound Nation is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its flagship loops and samples store Prime Loops by thanking its customers with a clearance sale of fifty percent off all packs for a limited time [Read More]